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Haiti [Savane Zombie]

Haiti [Savane Zombie]

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Malt + Dark Chocolate + Raisin + Nutty

Haitian coffee is undoubtedly like no other. At BBCR, we roasted our first Haitian beans in early March of 2022. Haiti was the first destination in the Coffee Origin Project, a BBCR initiative to help learn about the traceability and transparency of coffee, from farm to cup.

The coffee industry in Haiti has considerable difficulties that threaten the livelihoods of farmers and the quality of the coffee produced. Haiti has experienced political turmoil for decades, leading to decreased industry investment, reduced government support, and difficulty accessing international markets. In addition, corruption and violence in the country have made it challenging for coffee farmers to operate safely and efficiently.

Despite these difficulties, many Haitian coffee farmers remain committed to producing high-quality coffee and supporting their communities. Savane Zombie is a rural area situated in the High southeast Department of Haiti near the Dominican border. Farmers in this area have been growing coffee for centuries; it's not just a tradition; in this small farmer-owned association, APAS, it is the livelihood for 150 + families that comprise the cooperative.

Investing in the Haitian coffee industry is a way to enjoy a delicious and unique coffee experience while supporting social, economic, and environmental sustainability in a country that has faced significant challenges. This makes a meaningful difference in the lives of farmers and their families and contributes to the growth of a vibrant and dynamic coffee industry. 

With Haiti's troubled past and present, it is an honour to be able to roast this fantastic specialty grade Haitian coffee. The results are a very approachable cup of coffee.

This coffee is sourced from Haiti 🇭🇹 and each batch is freshly roasted to order in Gatineau, Quebec.

As a limited edition, this Haitian single origin coffee is only available in 454 g bags, while quantities last. 

Origin: Haiti
Region: Kolen
Producer: Kok Ki Chante // APCAB COOP
Variety: 100% Arabica (Caturra)
Process : Fully washed
Elevation: 1300 metres above sea level

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