Fundraising with BBCR

Did you know?

Coffee is 2nd most consumed beverage in the world, right behind water.  Take advantage of this broad market by partnering with Brown Bag Coffee Roasters to provide the freshest, healthiest specialty grade coffees available.

We supply you coffee to you at a discounted rate. You sell it and keep the profits.  Not for profits, schools, teams, etc all benefit from fundraising and we are here to be your partner.

Here's how fundraising works with BBCR.

  • You collect customer orders by your normal activities.  Door to door, events, etc.
  • We provide you with an order form. Each of your fundraisers will use this to track addresses and types of coffee sold, collecting payment.
  • You decide the selling price.  We provide you with wholesale pricing so anything you make beyond that is pure profit.
  • After the pre-selling is complete, simply contact us with the total order and bean payment, and we’ll ship the full coffee order to you - free of charge. All you’ll have left to do is distribute the beans to all those in your community who purchased them. Easy! 

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