Brown Bag 101

  • The fruit of our labour

    We hope you enjoy the last long weekend of summer! 

  • Can we do it? Yes, we can!

    We are very proud to offer a quality product unlike anyone else!

  • Happy International Women's Day!

    In honour of International Women’s Day 2023 (#IWD2023), we are pleased to offer 20% off our Colombia Single Origin Women’s Coffee.
  • Let’s Celebrate Third Wave Coffee

    We use the term third wave coffee. But what does it mean? And what about the first, second, and fourth waves? Explore the key features as we share BBCR's perspective on the evolution of coffee.
  • Brown Bag is nominated for the 2022 Th3rdwave Roaster of the Year

    We have been nominated for the 2022 Th3rdwave Roaster of the Year award in Ottawa Gatineau – Help us retain the title!
  • DEC 26 - TODAY ONLY! SAVE 20% on BBCR coffee subscriptions

    BBCR is excited to offer our greatest discount on recurring subscriptions ever!

  • Calculated Shipping

    With 2023 around just the corner, BBCR is saying goodbye to flat rate $5 shipping! 

  • How we make our limited edition barrel aged coffee

    At BBCR we enjoy experimenting with barrel aging. 

  • The Coffee Origin Project: Processing Methods of Nicaragua

    From farm to cup.

    Coffee processing is an integral part of crafting the flavour and character of your cup of coffee.

  • The Coffee Origin Project

    Learn about the traceability and transparency of coffee, from farm to cup.

  • A truly awesome cup of coffee

    The black honey process results in a truly awesome cup of coffee.
  • Countdown to Christmas - Our specialty coffee collection

    The Countdown to Christmas showcases not only the range of coffees we offer, but also what Brown Bag Coffee Roasters is capable of.