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Brown Bag 101

  • Our first ever price increase starting on Jan 1, 2022

    We will have to see our first ever price increase starting on January 1, 2022.

  • A truly awesome cup of coffee

    The black honey process results in a truly awesome cup of coffee.
  • Countdown to Christmas - Our specialty coffee collection

    The Countdown to Christmas showcases not only the range of coffees we offer, but also what Brown Bag Coffee Roasters is capable of.

  • It's not your morning coffee

    Drinking coffee after a meal is a nightly tradition for millions of people worldwide; and BBCR's limited edition barrel aged coffees are the perfect after dinner treat!

  • New Coffee Origin! Discover RWANDA

    NEW! Indulge yourself with this high-altitude, fully washed specialty coffee from Rwanda.
  • Anybody for a COLD BREW?

    You have heard about it, you may even have tried it before, but what is COLD BREW? Let’s have a closer look together!

  • Of course, coffee is good for you, but like everything, in moderation!

    Coffee is good for you. But good coffee is even better...
  • Get creative with coffee grounds!

    If you love coffee and creativity, why not take those old coffee grounds and turn them into works of art!
  • BBCR COVID-19 Update

    To ensure the continued safety of our customers and the BBCR family, we will not be offering curb-side pickup until April 16, 2021 (revised date).
  • Espresso Martini Baby!

    Celebrate the end of the week by making an Espresso Martini at home! Check out this fun, simple and delicious recipe...
  • ¡ Café a la mexicana por favor !

    For Spring Break 2021, we bring you a taste of Mexico! Why not try this recipe at home for a traditional Mexican coffee?
  • Espresso Maintenance Tips (Manutenzione)

    Great espresso maintenance tips to ensure you enjoy your espresso making for as long as possible.