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Brown Bag 101

  • It's not your morning coffee

    Drinking coffee after a meal is a nightly tradition for millions of people worldwide; and BBCR's limited edition barrel aged coffees are the perfect after dinner treat!

  • New Coffee Origin! Discover RWANDA

    NEW! Indulge yourself with this high-altitude, fully washed specialty coffee from Rwanda.
  • Anybody for a COLD BREW?

    You have heard about it, you may even have tried it before, but what is COLD BREW? Let’s have a closer look together!

  • Of course, coffee is good for you, but like everything, in moderation!

    Coffee is good for you. But good coffee is even better...
  • Get creative with coffee grounds!

    If you love coffee and creativity, why not take those old coffee grounds and turn them into works of art!
  • BBCR COVID-19 Update

    To ensure the continued safety of our customers and the BBCR family, we will not be offering curb-side pickup until April 16, 2021 (revised date).
  • Espresso Martini Baby!

    Celebrate the end of the week by making an Espresso Martini at home! Check out this fun, simple and delicious recipe...
  • ¡ Café a la mexicana por favor !

    For Spring Break 2021, we bring you a taste of Mexico! Why not try this recipe at home for a traditional Mexican coffee?
  • Espresso Maintenance Tips (Manutenzione)

    Great espresso maintenance tips to ensure you enjoy your espresso making for as long as possible. 
  • Our tips to make the Unicorn of an Espresso (La mano dell’operatore)

    Chris, your favourite head roaster and barista, shares some simple tips below that are easy to implement and to remember.
  • Choosing the right grinder for your Espresso (Macinadosatore)

    Grind is arguably the most important variable in espresso making. Burrs grinders, yes. Blade grinders, no.
  • Our Espresso Blend (Miscella)

    Our  Espresso Blend  is made with 3 single origin coffees: Brazil 🇧🇷, Colombia 🇨🇴 & Ethiopia 🇪🇹. Each of them brings something special to your cup.