Office and Small Business

We know that coffee is the life blood of most businesses.  In every boardroom, in every office around the world there are cups of coffee being enjoyed while making business happen. At Brown Bag Coffee Roasters, we believe that every one of those cups of coffee should be the very best it can be.  

That’s why as an artisan coffee roastery located in the foothills of Gatineau Park, we roast our outstanding single origin coffee fresh, each and every day. Delivery is once per week and we would love to discuss bringing our coffee service to you!

From our fresh whole roasted single origin beans, to complex blends we can meet your businesses requirements.  We offer a selection of brewing and grinding equipment, and will work within your needs and budget to ensure you have the very best solution in place.

Please reach out and we will setup a personalized one-on-one meeting to get you setup!