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E61 Flow Control Device

E61 Flow Control Device

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A flow control device allows the user to vary the amount of water flowing through the group head with a special needle valve.  Variable flow control allows for lengthy pre-infusion for more even saturation and extraction of your espresso.

The included pressure gauge, available in black or white will allow you to measure the pressure going through the group head during the brewing process.  It screws right into the front of the group head instead of the M6 Allen screw


Kit includes:

  • Stainless steel flow device main body;
  • Two different designed handles, made for 100% compatibility with most E61 machine on the market;
  • Group pressure gauge ( 0 -16 bar);
  • New bottom group spring to cut pre infusion;
  • Full installation and servicing kit for the flow device.


This part is Genuine coffee sensor part and designed to work with all espresso machines equipped with fully exposed E61 group heads. User installation at own risk releasing manufacturer or seller liability.

* Assembly type parts such as this item are non returnable.

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