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Our Espresso Blend (Miscella)

Our Espresso Blend
Our Espresso Blend has been with Brown Bag Coffee Roasters from the very beginning. It has been the cornerstone coffee of our brand and is by far the best seller on our shelf.

What is the blend made of?
Comprised of single origin coffees from Brazil, Colombia and Ethiopia, we've managed to get an amazingly well-balanced coffee that serves as a beautiful espresso to be enjoyed on its own or accompanied with steamed milk (or milk alternatives) for a rich, creamy beverage.

What is the roasting process?
For our espresso we roasted all the single origins separately and blended them all post roast. This allows us to dial in all the nuances we can expect from those respective origins and bring them forward in an amazing blend that you have come to know and love.

Where does this blend sit?
Our espresso blend is a medium roast at 20 in the Roast Vision Scale and 79 on the Agtron Gourmet Colour Scale laid out by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA).

Roast Vision Scale and Agtron Gourmet Conversion provided by our friends 
at Espresso Vision Inc

Why those origins?
Let's break it down:

  • Brazil has presented incredible chocolate and hazelnut flavours that we knew we wanted in our final cup.
  • Colombia has a rich, bold and sweet body that we just couldn't leave out. 
  • Finally, Ethiopia adds that playful citric acidity which leaves that wonderful lingering aftertaste you experience after every sip.

These three origins, blended in this manner is what makes BBCR Espresso so incredibly satisfying and our best-selling coffee served in numerous homes and coffee shops.

Boasting notes of baked berries and cacao, this espresso has a bold mouthfeel and an extended aftertaste that prolongs your drinking experience.


  • baked berries
  • cacao
  • full body

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This article is the first in a series about espresso. Did you know the Italians follow the 5Ms: Miscela, Macinadosatore, Mano dell'operatore, Macchina espresso and Manutenzione. Stay tuned if you want to know more about each step! (and if you can't speak Italian!)

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