Gear up your daily grind: Introducing Brown Bag Coffee Roasters

Gear up your daily grind: Introducing Brown Bag Coffee Roasters

 Brown Bag Coffee Roasters (BBCR) is happy to present you with our limited launch offer...Mmm, coffee.

With an obsession for quality, a dedicated philosophy, and the latest in roasting technology, Brown Bag Coffee Roasters gear you up for the daily grind. For the next 15 days you'll save 15% off your coffee subscription and we'll deliver it straight to your door. 

Brown Bag Coffee Roasters' philosophy grew from the foundations laid before us by the old-school labourers and their daily grind. We recognize and respect the importance of a cup of coffee and pay tribute to the ceremonial experience.  We do this by meticulously crafting the perfect cup of coffee, one small batch at a time.

Our single origin, premium beans, and fluid bed technology help to create the highest quality, consistent, and healthy small batch coffee– our top priority. With our flagship roasters and software technology, we can monitor and configure the characteristics of our coffee throughout the roasting process. The result is a variety of balanced artisan flavour profiles that our nerdy passion produces every single day. Come tell us what you think! We love coffee talk.

As a local, family run business we believe in hard work and the communal aspects of coffee by inviting you to come visit our studio for a tour and tasting. Come see the work we're doing to provide our community with a superior coffee experience. We're located at the foothills of Gatineau Park, which makes it a great starting point before an excursion, or an après adventure.

We carry forward the integrity of the work that came before us by the pursuit of excellence in our craft. Please subscribe to support Brown Bag Coffee Roasters and let us help you gear up for your daily grind. Click, to save 15% with our 15 day Limited Launch Coffee Countdown! 


Brown Bag Coffee Roasters...Mmm, coffee.


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