Our Coffees

At Brown Bag Coffee Roasters, we wanted to focus around single origin beans.  Single origin coffee is grown within a single known geographic origin.

We believe these give us the best flavour profiles we are looking for. Each brings unique and subtle nuances. While we try and focus on a single farm within those origins, these are not always available. Crop dates and crop sizes will determine which we can source. We try and include as much information on our site and coffee bags as we can so you know exactly where and what you are getting.  

We also use these origins to create our blends - both drip / french press and our very popular espresso. A blend allows us to marry the benefits of each bean, bringing out a completely different flavour profile. A lot of time is spent in testing out blends to find just the right combination. From the amount of each bean, right down to mixing of those beans before roasting or after to find exact profile.

Why have we chosen the origin of beans we did? Ultimately, to give our customers the capability of experiencing all the different profiles found in major coffee countries. While there is no hard and fast truth to what a flavour will be like from a certain country there are some characteristics that remain.