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Our Company

We are a small (some would say micro) roasting company located in the foothills of Gatineau, Quebec. As a family run business we may be small, but we are also mighty. 

Our founder, Shann comes from a varied background. While his professional life has focused around technology, a few years ago the family founded ManSoap, an all natural handmade soap and men's grooming products company. Late in the fall of 2017 Shann decided it was time to pursue the family's passion company full time. Doing so meant taking on a facility. This also meant there was some time to explore other opportunities. As a home roaster for a number of years, the move to open a small roasting company took root. Working with his father Richard, they developed a number of signature profiles. Richard is the coffee scientist. Using Artisan roasting software we have dialled in our single origin tastes as well as our drip blend and espresso.  

Shann made the decision to focus on fluid bed roasting technology and Sonofresco became our partner. We are launching with 2 Sonofresco flagship roasters and have adopted our artisan roasting profiles over to the Sonofresco software.  

Today, we have three single origin beans we are focused on from Brazil, Colombia and Ethiopia. From these we have also developed our drip / french press blend and espresso.

We are very passionate about amazing coffee and we hope you enjoy every last drop!

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