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caramelized fruits

Brown Bag Coffee Roasters (BBCR) was founded in February 2017 with the goal of breaking down the barrier to better coffee and to help make third wave coffee more approachable. Our Signature Blend showcases who we are and what we want to put toward our customer base. If you want to know what kind of coffee we produce, the Signature Blend is a great place to start.

Balanced from start to finish, using beans from Guatemala, Tanzania and Brazil, we are able to get the best of all three single origin coffees. The reason we blend is to bring out brand new flavour combinations where they wouldn’t normally be present in those coffees alone. This way we can create something truly unique!

Enjoy this coffee in any and all brewing techniques and drink styles.


  • Very well balanced, juicy, with notes of caramelized fruits
  • Species: 100% Arabica (Guatemala, Tanzania and Brazil) 
  • Brewing Recommendations: Drip, Immersion, Espresso

Customer Reviews

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Yves Crepeau

Your espresso belnd is very good

Nathalie T.
Very smooth taste

Second time I get it. Does not disappoint.

Wonderful coffee from a great team

I recently purchased the barrel aged coffee that was released as a limited edition. The coffee is truly unique and lovely, it does the job of being a coffee, with very subtle differences in smell and taste. When you sip I recommend doing so like you would while wine tasting, take a sucky slurp and you truly taste the sweetness from the barrel. It's lovely, so good I went back to get a second tin before it ran out!

Outside of the limited edition I enjoy popping in for a coffee, the pour-over machine is wonderful to watch with its fluid movements producing a flavorful cup of coffee. The team are friendly and helpful, always ready to provide a recommendation. The standard coffee line-up caters for all tastes and the specials for seasons, such as valentines, a lovely treat.

On sunny days the seats are setup outside and water provided for dogs. On colder/rainy days sitting inside and chatting with the team / working on the laptop with wifi and power sockets is great.

chantal collin
My fav

My fav!

Marilou Antille