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Costa Rica (La Isabella Honey Process Peaberry)

Costa Rica (La Isabella Honey Process Peaberry)

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Rich, sweet prune

A limited edition!

This is a special coffee.

Why? Well, Shann, the owner of BBCR, had the opportunity to attend the Specialty Coffee Expo held in Chicago (April 12-14 2024). He was at working at the Sivetz exhibitor booth, chatting with fellow roasters and coffee aficionados about his experience using with the Sivetz SRM15. Sivetz is the manufacturer of BBCR’s hardworking 15KG fluid bed roaster. The expo took place over 3 days, with about 18,000 people per day! And while Shann was at the Expo, he took part in some round table and cupping, in which he brought out this incredible Costa Rica Honey Peaberry coffee to show what BBCR and Sivetz can do. The feedback was phenomenal from both customers who came to the booth as well as fellow roasters. 

In preparation for the Expo, we purchased a small quantity of these green beans from JA Coffee, a specialty green coffee importer and distributor. The green beans are straight from the iconic La Isabella Estate in the renowned Tres Rios region of Costa Rica and grown at an elevation of 1600 meters. Peaberries are gems for coffee enthusiasts and make up a mere 5% of the world’s coffee. Usually, the coffee cherry is composed of two seeds. As the seeds grow, they push against each other in their confined space and become flat on one side. In a peaberry, one seed fails to develop and the remaining seed grows to fill the space and becomes round. The single bean that matures inside the coffee cherry is concentrated with flavour. Paired with the honey processing method, these beans deliver an amplified sweetness in every cup.

We would love to share this very special coffee with you, our coffee community. It is the result of an exciting coffee collaboration and is not to be missed!

The Expo is happening again next year in Houston (Texas) and Shann can’t wait to join!  

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