Nouvelle origine de café ! Découvrez le Rwanda

New Coffee Origin! Discover RWANDA

RwandaRwanda, a small East African country, should not be overlooked by roasters and coffee lovers. Known as the Land of a Thousand Hills, its production of high-quality, high-altitude coffee goes side-by-side with its fight against poverty. And while it’s not one of Africa’s largest producing countries, Rwanda is positioning itself as a world-class specialty coffee origin and the delicious flavours of its coffee back this up.

This is the first release of our Rwanda single origin coffee 🇷🇼. Look for not one, but TWO (!!) barrel aged releases in the upcoming weeks. Quantities are limited and the barrel lots will be numbered. We are very excited to share this with you. Keep an eye on our social media to find out more! #Teaser #Twinning

The bean count for our Single Origin Mexico 🇲🇽 is low. We have roasted the last of our Mexican lot. In order to make some room, we’ve marked down the remaining by 25%. It's now or never... Offer valid until end of stock. #MexicoMarkdown

Thank you for your continued support!

We couldn't be more appreciative of the response we received from our community for all our previous limited edition coffee projects. You are awesome. We love what we do!

And lastly, we will be hitting the streets of Gatineau VERY SOON in our #BaristaMobile! MORE TO COME! :)

In the meantime, stay curious.
The BBCR Team


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