Ce n'est pas votre café du matin

It's not your morning coffee

It's not your morning coffee | Ce n'est pas votre cafe du matin

Coffee doesn’t have to be just a morning drink to get your day started. Just a few generations ago, an evening coffee was as habitual as the mandatory cup one had upon waking. Drinking coffee after a meal continues to be a nightly tradition for millions of people worldwide. 

Catching up with relatives over a cup of coffee is a great way to increase the family bond. Many families still participate in a weekly or monthly “family dinner night” where the parents, siblings and other relatives will gather in one location for a big meal and conversation. (Something that can now be enjoyed again with the lessening of COVID-19 restrictions!)

There are many reasons people drink coffee after dinner. Some drink it as a dessert, some drink it to help with digestion, some simply because it is tradition. Many times, this is the best time to get caught up with family and friends. Lingering over a cup of coffee discussing the days events, sharing stories and enjoying each other’s company. Whatever the reason, drinking coffee after dinner has come to be commonplace. 

Our limited edition barrel aged coffees are the perfect after dinner treat to share with family and friends. For our fourth and latest release, we have used two different barrels - one whiskey and one bourbon! (Double the fun!) The barrel aging process allows the beans to absorb the natural flavours and aromas from the spirits and charred oak barrels, without overwhelming the natural nuances of the beans. The resultant coffee is complex, with notes that resonate with the barrel’s liquor minus the alcohol. This distinctively spirited style of coffee is perfect for an after-dinner treat!

Do you forgo the idea of an evening cup of coffee because if decaf isn’t an option, coffee will keep you awake? Caffeine affects different people in different ways and a sensitivity to caffeine can disrupt your sleep pattern. At BBCR we offer what we believe to be coffee of the best quality, and our decaf is no exception. So if you're looking for a full flavoured decaffeinated coffee, check out our Swiss Water Process decaf - single origin Colombia.

Whatever the reason for having a coffee after a meal, this is one tradition that more people should enjoy.
It's not your morning coffee; it is a coffee experience.

Stay curious!

The BBCR Team

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