Want coffee delivered to your door? Me too.

Want coffee delivered to your door? Me too.

At Brown Bag Coffee Roasters we’ve made grocery shopping a little easier by taking coffee off your shopping list. Here’s a short post on subscribing to your bi-weekly or monthly dose of deliciousness…Mmm, coffee!

Step 1 — We can have lots of fun! The New Kids on the Block reference also applies as the first step to your new ability of local coffee subscriptions. So, let’s have fun and get started:

First, select the type of coffee you want to order. Then click on the option Subscribe and Save.

Subscribe and Save!

After that, choose 15, 30, 45, or 60 days of delivery intervals. From there you can decide the size of bag you want—a big bag (454g), or a small bag (227g). Keep in mind when you spend over $50 the shipping is free. The next option at your convenience is whole bean or ground. That’s right, we’ll even grind the coffee for you. Lastly, choose the number of bags you desire. Done!

When I first signed up for my subscription I chose the Ethiopian single origin at a 15 day interval, and the big bag (454g) because that amount approximately covered my coffee consumption without the worry I’d be left without. Since I like maximum freshness, I chose the whole bean option. Plus, grinding it myself completes my hipster heart.

Enjoy fresh coffee delivered to your door knowing you’ll never have to deal with decision fatigue again. Subscribe to Brown Bag Coffee Roasters!

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