Comment nous produisons notre café vieilli en fût en édition limitée

How we make our limited edition barrel aged coffee

Vieilli en fût | Barrel Aged

In our most recent release of The Coffee Origin Project, we featured single origin coffees from Nicaragua. From farm to cup, BBCR is proud to have a direct trade relationship with Perdido Coffee in Nicaragua. One main focus of this project release was to highlight the various processing treatments the green beans go through in order to prepare it for roasting; these processes included washed, natural and honey processed. Coffee processing is an integral part of crafting the flavour and character of your cup of coffee.

But what about the steps taken after the beans are roasted? Another integral part that influences the natural nuances of the beans is the aging process. At BBCR we enjoy experimenting with barrel aging. The barrel aging process allows the beans to absorb the natural flavours and aromas from the spirits and charred oak barrels, without overwhelming the natural nuances of the beans. The resultant coffee is complex, with notes that resonate with the barrel’s liquor minus the alcohol. 

Our barrel aged coffees have proven to be a distinct and unique coffee experience. Each aged coffee is different, and that's part of what makes them so interesting.

For our latest limited edition single origin barrel aged coffee, we aged 120 pounds of medium roasted Nicaragua natural processed beans in an emptied bourbon barrel for a month. During that time, flavours of the barrel transferred into the coffee. Carefully monitored, hand turned daily and tested on a regular basis, our goal was to gain maximum infusion without the coffee being overpowered by the barrel.

We are excited to offer the opportunity to purchase a combo that includes both the Nicaragua natural processed beans AND the same beans that have been carefully aged in an oak barrel. This coffee aging technique is an innovative way to add flavour without relying on artificial flavours or syrups (and is barrel aged coffee is non-alcoholic). The bourbon barrel aging process brought a lot of unique flavours to an already delicious cup of coffee! We recommend giving both a try while it lasts! 

Stay curious!

The BBCR Team

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