Qui veut un café infusé à froid?

Anybody for a COLD BREW?

Anybody for a COLD BREW? | Qui veut un café infusé à froid?
You have heard about it, you may even have tried it before, but what is COLD BREW? Is it a cup of coffee left to cool down on the side? Or maybe an ancestral technique needing very well-engineered machines?

None of that. So, let’s have a closer look together!

How do you make COLD BREW?
COLD BREW is made with (freshly ground) coffee and cold water. You may want to see how you like it, but the usual proportion for a homemade one is 1 cup of coffee for 4 cups of water. Leave it to infuse for a minimum of 12 hours, but we recommend leaving it for 24 hours for the water and the coffee to truly blend.

For the coffee, try different ones and see which one you like the most but remember, don’t grind the beans too thin: for better results, grind them coarsely. 

You will end up with a concentrate of coffee you will need to filter before using. I like strong coffees – but believe me, you don’t need much concentrate and it will last for a while.

Is there a real difference with traditionally brewed coffee??
Oh man, yeah! If, like me, you are not a big fan of bitter or sour iced coffee, for example, you should try a COLD BREW. Not only you will end up with a very smooth coffee, but it also leaves a nutty aftertaste. There is also a difference in terms of caffeine concentration. COLD BREW is usually less charged in caffeine, but again, it depends on how much concentrate you are using. The usual ratio is one dose of concentrate for two doses of water/milk.

Is that just for iced coffee?
Nope! You can use it for iced coffee of course. I like the Vietnamese way: with condensed milk and ice cubes… You can use a syrup too if you want a bit more sweetness in your cup (I would not advise using both the syrup and the condensed milk though unless you are on the market for the biggest sugar high!)

Hot coffee… Yep, you have read right! Very practical especially if you run out of time in the morning and still need your cuppa. Just pour a bit of hot water in there and there you go!

There are some other ways like the COLD BREW soda which is COLD BREW concentrate, soda water, ice and a bit of syrup if you wish and you can also have a look at creating some good COLD BREW mocktails too.

If you like baking, I would recommend using COLD BREW, especially if you are feeding monsters who don’t drink coffee (you see what kind of monsters I am referring to?). The cake will end up with the same coffee taste but with 60% less acidity.

How long can you keep your COLD BREW in the fridge?
Nobody would recommend keeping your COLD BREW for more than a month in the fridge. Our COLD BREW concentrate comes in a one-litre bottle which allows you to make around 6 or 8 cups of iced coffee. We will let you know on the bottle when you need to consume it by and since the product is not pasteurized, we can’t ship it and it is only available at the roastery.

Have you ever tried Nitro COLD BREW?
Nitro COLD BREW coffee is served out of a stout tap. The nitrogen is infused into the coffee which gives the coffee a smoother, more full-bodied flavour and an amazing mouthfeel. 

We have Nitro COLD BREW on tap at the roastery; so if you want to try it, come over! It is worth it!

COLD BREW is something all coffee lovers should try if not done yet. 
In the meantime, stay curious.

The BBCR Team

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