Le projet d'origine du café

The Coffee Origin Project

Le projet d'origine du café | The coffee origin project

It’s no secret, at BBCR we love coffee and we love what we do. We are grateful to have shared with you many special projects and limited edition releases. We are taking it to the next step. Welcome to the Coffee Origin Project, BBCR’s newest initiative to help you learn about the traceability and transparency of coffee, from farm to cup.

For the first destination of our project, we have chosen Haiti.

We purchased the green Haitian coffee beans from JA Coffee, a Montreal based importer. JA Coffee had purchased the beans from the exporter, Kok ki Chante (KKC), in Haiti. KKC, along with their sister company, Singing Rooster (a social enterprise nonprofit based in the U.S.), are leading exporters of specialty coffee in Haiti. Kok Ki Chante is doing a lot of good; it sources and supports the farmers across Haiti and ensures a livable wage for producers and their families.

The micro lot from which we purchased consisted of specific coffees coming from the region of Thiotte, grown and harvested by two farmer-owned associations, APPCC and APAS, who belong to a larger cooperative called Association of Coffee Growers of Belle-Anse (APCAB). The two associations account for the livelihood of 350+ families. The cooperative is paid roughly 300% higher wages than the Fair Trade minimum, for having an exceptional product.

KKC also introduces drying techniques, such as honey process, to lower costs of production and provides Haitian farmers with agricultural and technical assistance, milling and processing facilities testing new methods alongside traditional ones for the best quality coffee possible.

Coffee has deep roots in Haitian history and culture. Coffee has been grown in Haiti since 1725. Haiti was once the world’s leading coffee producer responsible for half of the world’s production. Due to political turmoil and natural disasters, coffee production in Haiti now counts for less than one percent of the world’s coffee. Rarely seen on a specialty roaster's menu, our goal is to give Haitian coffee more visibility.

With high-elevation farming and carefully cultivated beans, this beautiful little island in the Caribbean is finding its way again. For farmers in the highest lands in Haiti, coffee is a multi-generational lifestyle and will hopefully remain that way for years to come.

We invite you to discover coffee from Haiti. BBCR is proud to offer two Haitian coffees: Savane Zombi and Kolen, Honey Processed.

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