Coffee Filter Flowers, Great For Mother’s Day

Coffee Filter Flowers, Great For Mother’s Day

Coffee Filter FlowersOur flower and coffee pairing posts -as well as seeing little buds appear in gardens around the community- gave us some inspiration for this fun and easy Mother’s Day craft... and it is made out of something you probably already have, coffee filters! This would be so fun to make with your kids for this Mother’s Day!

You Will Need:

  • Coffee filters
  • Washable markers (various colours)
  • Construction paper and glue (option A) or pipe cleaners (option B)
  • Spray bottle and water
  • Something to put under the coffee filters to protect your table (ie. old towel, tablecloth, tray etc.)

Begin by colouring your filters using whatever colours you choose. (Why not try using 2 colours for some; 3 colours for others?) No need to be super worried about lines looking neat - the goal is to get the surface of the coffee filter covered more than anything.

Once you have your coffee filters coloured, you will line them up on a covered surface (this keeps it from bleeding all over your table top - a step we missed in our Coffee Filter Earth Day craft instructions!) and give them a light spray with your water bottle on a fine mist setting. Pro tip: Don’t drench them, just enough that the whole surface gets wet and the colours run and combine together. (So pretty!) Let the filters dry before trying to do anything with them.

Once they are dry, we found two options for the flowers ...   

Option A - Simply fold up the filters to make flower shapes (tulips?) and glue them to a construction paper card. (This option works well with mini filters!) For a finishing touch, take your marker and draw your stems. Don't forget to sign the masterpiece before giving it to mom! 

Option B - Make a 3D flower bouquet using pipe cleaner stems! We suggest to use 4 coffee filters together and bunch them into a point at the bottom - where you wrap the pipe cleaner. Wrap the pipe cleaner around a few times so that it is secure. Once this is done, you can fluff it up to give it a more full, realistic look. If you don’t like the fullness of the blooms at this size, try adding more filters, or take some away. Play with it until you love the way they look! These flowers are great because they don’t die for one, and they are so pretty, and can be any colour combo you want to make them!  

We think the best Mother’s Day gifts are those that are handmade.

 Coffee fileter flower photos

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