Célébrer la Journée de la Terre avec votre café

How to Celebrate Earth Day With Your Coffee

How to Celebrate Earth Day With Your CoffeeMake your coffee at home and a use refillable cup

Making coffee in the comfort of your home has its perks and it is better for the environment. You're likely skipping the paper cup and instead pouring your coffee into a favorite mug, which translates to less waste and a healthier earth.

Re-use your old coffee!

Once you’ve made your coffee, don’t just dump those used coffee grounds in the trash! There are so many incredible environmentally friendly ways to re-use old coffee grounds. Here is a list of our 5 favourites:

1- Coffee grounds make great fertilizer.

Just as coffee seems to breathe life into you when you're exhausted, it can have a similar effect on plants. Since coffee grounds are already relatively nutritionally balanced and pH neutral, they act as a slow-release fertilizer that’s perfect for indoor plants. Add a cup to your dying plants to rejuvenate them and top off plant pots with a few scoops of used coffee grounds every few weeks and you’ll save on fertilizer.

2- Coffee grounds repel snails and slugs.

While coffee may smell great to you and me, the strong smell deters snails, slugs and even cats. In the garden, just sprinkle a barrier of used grounds around the plants which slugs and pests are attracted to. It will help keep them at bay. You can skip the pesticide and use coffee grounds as an organic solution instead.

3-Used coffee grounds neutralize odours.

Coffee grounds have the power to absorb and neutralize bad smells in the house. It is a great substitute for baking soda in the refrigerator. The only thing you need to watch for is mold if you use damp grounds. Replace immediately with fresher grounds if it turns into a science experiment.

4- Scour your pots and pans with coffee grounds

Grime and gunk stuck to your pots and pans? Sprinkle coffee grounds on the toughest spots, and they’ll act as a gentle scouring pad.

5- Coffee grounds are a natural exfoliant.

Coffee scrubs are all the rage. Why not try a DIY skincare recipe: Simply combine coffee grounds with a little coconut oil to create a great moisturizing scrub (and smells so good as a bonus!) You can add as much of both ingredients as you like, but a ratio of 1 part coconut oil to 1 part coffee grounds is a good option! Gently rub the mixture on the skin and rinse with water and that's it! Naturally soft and moisturized skin! You can also make homemade soap, adding coffee for exfoliation. BBCR coffee grounds are used in ManSoap Company’s popular cold process coffee exfoliant bar of soap.

There are so many other ways to re-use your coffee grounds… Don't hesitate to share any other tips and tricks with us!

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