340 g boîte de café Brésil vieilli en fût | 340 g can of Brazil Bourbon Barrel Aged coffee
340 g boîte de café Brésil vieilli en fût | 340 g can of Brazil Bourbon Barrel Aged coffee
340 g boîte de café Brésil vieilli en fût | 340 g can of Brazil Bourbon Barrel Aged coffee

Bourbon Barrel Aged Brazil

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 Discover the experience of barrel aged coffee!

BBCR is proud to release our latest limited edition barrel aged coffee! For this release we aged medium roasted single origin Brazil coffee beans in an emptied bourbon barrel for a little over a month. As with all our previous barrel aged coffees, the beans were carefully monitored, hand turned and tested on a regular basis. Our main goal: to gain maximum infusion without the coffee being overpowered by the barrel.

The best way to prepare this coffee is by using an immersion brewing method (French Press or Aeropress) or filter brewing (pour over, drip). Barrel aged beans are not suitable for use in espresso machines.

This is the second release where we showcase our barrel aged coffee in hermetically-sealed, vinyl wrapped cans. Each 340 g can is nostalgic, collectable, reusable, and infinitely recyclable. What a truly unique experience!

Please note, the Brazil bourbon barrel coffee cans contain whole beans and, as they are hermetically sealed, we are not offering any grind options.

Brazil was one of the first single origin coffees in our lineup of specialty coffee. We thought it would be fitting to offer a barrel aged version of it as the last limited edition release at our current location of 1910 chemin Pink. If you haven’t heard, we are in the process of expanding and we will be moving to a larger facility at the end of this month (July 2023). Since 2017, BBCR has operated out of 1910 chemin Pink. We have affectionately called this barrel release “tchau 1910”. Fun fact: the primary language of Brazil is Portuguese. Tchau comes the Italian word ciao (it is pronounced the same way) and is a popular way to say “goodbye” in Brazil. We look forward to serving you from our new facility at 595 rue Vernon, where we will continue to offer limited editions and special releases, along with our lineup of your favourite specialty coffees!

Another milestone we want to highlight with this release is the development of a direct trade relationship for our Brazil single origin green beans. We have partnered with Orange Brown, a green coffee importer that is Brazilian owned and operated. They facilitate direct trade with a tight knit community of specialty coffee farmers. Which means the coffee that is both traceable and transparent. We know where the coffee is coming from and how it has been produced, as well as the local environment and communities. A true farm to cup green bean supplier!

Our barrel aged coffees have proven to be a distinct and unique coffee experience. Each aged coffee is different, and that's part of what makes them so interesting.

Order our barrel aged coffee today and taste the difference for yourself!

Please note: our Brazil Barrel Aged is a limited edition coffee. Quantities are limited!


Special offer:  Why not try the Brazil COMBO ?! This combo includes one (1) 340 g can of Brazil Bourbon Barrel Aged coffee AND one (1) 454 g bag of Brazil single origin coffee. A $42.00 value for $40! (The combo also qualifies for free shipping!)    

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Shari King
A Treat!

Delicious brew

Brian Spivak

Very distinct barrel-y flavour (wood / smoke-y notes), absolutely delicious! Tried it both for espresso and pour-over, think I prefer for espresso.

PAUL latreille
You NEED this coffee

You like coffee? You like bourbon ? You NEED this coffee. So smooth and the long bourbon finish at the end is fantastic. Really love this coffee