Bien sûr, le café est bon pour vous, mais comme tout, avec modération!

Of course, coffee is good for you, but like everything, in moderation!

Of course, coffee is good for you, but like everything, in moderation!And you might think, what, a coffee roaster telling you to drink their coffee in moderation? Have they lost their mind? Nope. We have not. Recent studies show that between 3 and 5 cups of coffee (400mg of caffeine) a day, is actually good for you. You see? You can carry on sipping your cup as you like.

  1. Moderate coffee drinking is good for your health
    According to the 2015 dietary guidelines, drinking a moderate amount of coffee daily is part of a healthy diet. So not only the perception of drinking coffee has changed from being bad for you to having benefits, a review in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) from 2017 says it actually has positive effect on your health. Let’s have a look in more detail...

  1. Improve your energy levels
    This one is a given. Everybody tends to get their coffee to get a bit of a boost to tackle the day. What really happens is that the caffeine in coffee blocks the inhibitory neurotransmitter adenosine leading to the increase in norepinephrine and dopamine. Too much details maybe? Ok, well it sure gives you a boost!

  1. Can help you burn fat
    Don’t get carried away, a diet solely of coffee won’t help give you the perfect beach body. However, it has been proven coffee can improve your metabolism leading to your body burning fat faster. Keep exercising, eat healthy food and drink good coffee, and you will get there!

  2. Contains some good nutrients for your body
    And yes, there is a good list from NutritionData :

    Omega-6 fatty acids
    Vitamin K

    Pantothenic Acid

    - Potassium
    - Sodium
    - Manganese
    - Fluoride

    Of course, all those nutrients don’t come with the same concentration, and you can check NutritionData to get more details. The study is based on a coffee brewed from grounds and prepared with tap water.

  3. Lower risk of type 2 diabetes
    According to the BMJ, drinking a good amount of coffee can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes but also renal stones and gout. It has also been discovered that drinking more coffee lowers the risk of urinary incontinence. Keep drinking…

  4. Could lower risk of cancer
    While before 2015, it was common to hear coffee could increase the risks of cancer, it seems those studies were mainly conducted on people who were drinking coffee and smoking. Once the two factors have been isolated, it has been shown in that BMJ article that “high versus low coffee consumption was associated  with a lower risk of prostate cancer, endometrial cancer, melanoma, oral cancer, leukaemia, non-melanoma skin cancer, and liver cancer”. Of course, you still need to drink your coffee with moderation, and pick a good coffee of course.

  5. Give your liver a break!
    If like most people this year, your alcohol consumption has increased, drinking coffee might be a good thing for you! Whether you drink one cup or four cups a day, it has been shown a 39% lower risk for liver cirrhosis. It can also give you a lower 27% risk of liver fibrosis.

There are some other health benefits, but we wanted to share the ones we had data on. One thing to bear in mind, while coffee is definitely good for you, it has been identified that it can cause antenatal unwanted effects while pregnant.

All in all, coffee is good for you – for your health but also for your mind: drinking your cup of coffee usually comes with a break, whether you are at work, at home, by the fireplace, or outdoors while camping. 

Coffee is good for you. But good coffee is even better.

The BBCR Team

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