**Nitro** COLD BREW

**Nitro** COLD BREW

Nitro COLD BREW**Did you know COLD BREW can be infused with nitrogen to make NITRO COLD BREW coffee?**

What's Nitro Cold Brew?

Unlike COLD BREW coffee, which is often served “flat” over ice, NITRO COLD BREW coffee is served out of a stout tap. It’s typically prepared in a keg with nitrogen. The nitrogen is infused into the coffee and, when it is poured out of the tap, the nitrogen bubbles and cascades just like a stout beer does. The nitrogen head on the COLD BREW gives the coffee a smoother, more full bodied flavour and an amazing mouthfeel. This rich texture makes NITRO COLD BREW so hard to resist and so enjoyable. A popular summertime drink, many of local establishments are now serving it on tap. If you haven’t had the chance to try a glass of NITRO COLD BREW, why not drop in at the BBCR roastery and have a taste test! 

Speaking of the BBCR roasting facility, did you know you can also book a studio tour of the roastery (maximum groups of 10)? 

You can easily make iced coffee at home using BBCR COLD BREW coffee concentrate. Give it a try:

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