Une tasse de café absolument génial

A truly awesome cup of coffee

Brown Bag Coffee Roasters - Costa Rica, Las Lajas Black Honey | la Brûlerie artisanale Brown Bag - Las Lajas « Black Honey » du Costa Rica

‘Honey processing’ is a form of pulped natural process that is common across Costa Rica. Different designations of white, yellow, red and black honey are commonly used among Central and South American farmers and refer to differences in the amount of mucilage left on the bean after pulping; how the beans are dried (i.e. direct sunlight or shaded conditions); and the length of time and conditions under which the beans are dried.
Black Honey is the most complex and laborious honey processed bean. 100% of the mucilage, and part of the cherry itself, is kept intact while the beans are dried on screens under a plastic tarp for approximately 15 days. Black honey coffee requires constant attention and movement, which includes raking the beans multiple times an hour until they have matured by reaching the desired moisture percentage.
Nope, there’s no actual honey on these beans, despite their name. Mucilage is extremely sweet and sticky, like honey. The prolonged fruit fermentation of this intensive and rare black honey process enhances the final sugar content in the beans. The results of this really shine when the coffee is roasted; the sugars make the coffee sweeter and more aromatic, with other notes that would not be evident in the cup otherwise. The black honey process results in a truly awesome cup of coffee.

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