Mexico - Single Origin
Mexico - Single Origin
Mexico - Single Origin

Mexico - Single Origin

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Mexico Tasting Notes 

Finca La Victoria is owned by Martiniano Ancieto Moreno Alvarado, who has been farming coffee for about 11 years, and he has seen his farm's size grow as a result of constant improvement and renovation, including the introduction of coffee-leaf-rust resistant varieties and higher-productivity varieties, and fertilization and management techniques.

The farm has coffee trees planted on 110 hectares, and the lots are processed as both Washed and Naturals. This is a Washed selection: The coffee was picked ripe, de-pulped, fermented under water for 12 hours, and laid to dry on patios for three days. 

Production Notes

  • Process:            Washed
  • Elevation:          1200 - 1500 m
  • Drying method:  Sun Dried
  • Certifications:     Rain Forest Alliance

Tasting Notes

  • Floral and honey front notes.
  • Nutmeg and dark chocolate finish.